TBI Wrap Up

For the past few months, we at REM Audiology have been trying to talk as much as possible about traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

We started with a link from CBS News on our Facebook wall: ER visits for traumatic brain injury spike 30 percent, figuring it was a good place to begin. Not only have ER visits increased, but so has public awareness.

We went on to distinguish between certain types of traumatic brain injuries. Types ranging from mild to severe. Brainline.org had a good article (among many good articles) on mild TBIs. We also shared links about hearing loss after TBITBI research, and TBI recovery.

Outside of posted links, we wrote a blog on returning to school after your chid hits his or her head, and designed our September newsletter around the issue.

Obviously, this is only the tip of the iceberg. TBI is getting more and more attention in the news, and while we as audiologists are admittedly not the first people you’d seek out concerning a head injury, we at least wanted to contribute to the discussion. Traumatic brain injury is an important issue, and we hope people continue to talk about it well into the future.