Summer vacation doesn’t mean a vacation from your hearing aids. Whether you’re traveling in the next few months or staying close to home, there is lots you can do to keep your hearing aids and your hearing health in tip top shape.

Healthy hearing – as always – has a good, practical breakdown on taking care of your devices away from home. Among their tips:

  1. Store your hearing aids and batteries in cool, dry locations
  2. Don’t allow your devices to get wet (especially moisture buildup via humidity)
  3. When traveling, don’t forget your “back-up supples” (extra hearing aids, cleaning tools, etc)

Summer is also a good time to strengthen your hearing. Among REM’s recommendations:

  1. Whether at the beach or outside a cafe with a cool drink under an umbrella, summer is a good time to read. And while you’re reading, why not grab the audio book and listen along? Auditory stimulation is important, especially for developing children.
  2. Wear your hearing aids in all social settings. You’ll probably be going out more. That doesn’t mean you should leave your aids at home. We’ve written about this before — relearning how to understand speech in noise is brain training, and you don’t want to be skipping sessions.

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Enjoy your summer!