Prepare your Ears and Aids for Fall and Winter

Though the upcoming fall and winter season will have its challenges, there are steps you can take to help prepare your ears and aids for the months ahead.

Stock Up

Make sure you have plenty of batteries, hearing aid wipes, and the proper cleaning tools. If something goes wrong with your device, there’s a lot you can do at home to fix the problem, especially with regular maintenance.

Be sure to call your audiologist for all necessary supplies.

Get Tested

If you’ve been waiting to get your hearing tested or re-tested (or if you need a new hearing aid), now might be the perfect time to do it, before it gets too cold. All REM offices follow COVID-19 safety procedures, so you can take care of your hearing needs quickly and safely.

Be sure to also look into any tele-health or remote testing options. Sometimes, an audiologist can diagnose and fix a problem over the phone or video chat. Other times, they may opt to try and fix the problem from afar.

What is Remote Testing?

Simply described, remote testing is when hearing aids are paired via Bluetooth to an app on a smart phone or smart device. An audiologist using a computer in REM’s office can then program or make changes to the hearing aid. Some devices even permit the audiologist to do a hearing test through the aids themselves. REM is currently working on starting up our remote testing program.

Keep Up Your Brain Training

This year, everyone will be spending a lot more time indoors. This can have unwanted consequences for those with hearing loss. The more you’re isolated, the less you talk with people, the easier it is for your hearing comprehension — your ability to understand speech in noise — to backslide.

REM recommends trying to stay connected to as many people as possible. Video chats and Zoom hangouts are ideal in this situation, and your devices may even be able to be paired to your computer system. Audiobooks can also be a helpful, enjoyable training technique.

Talk to Your Audiologist

Your audiologist, because they know you, will know what to do. They can recommend the best actions to take and will help you with your fall and winter preparations.

Give them a call. See what they have to say.