Negative feelings about aging can affect your hearing, says a recent article on Medicine News Today. Hearing and brain function go hand in hand, and when one is affected “so is the other.”

“People’s feelings about getting older influence their sensory and cognitive functions. Those feelings are often rooted in stereotypes about getting older and comments made by those around them that their hearing and memory are failing.”

Positivity and personal outlook are important. If negative feelings about growing older can influence how one hears in day to day life (and vice versa), it makes sense that a good attitude could have the opposite effect.

But when there is so much social stigma attached to aging, how can one maintain an optimistic view of the future?

  1. Don’t worry yourself sick. Hearing loss may be a normal part of the aging process, but there is no better time than the present to optimize hearing function. Today’s sophisticated technology offers efficient and effective hearing difficulties. If you notice trouble hearing sound in noise, meet with an audiologist to discuss a plan.
  2. Eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight. Physical fitness is a big part of keeping your mind sharp.
  3. Realize that advances in hearing technology are always being made.
  4. Socialization is important! If you’re having trouble hearing or feeling down for any reason, don’t lock yourself away.

Keeping your mind occupied and your thoughts positive is something everyone should work towards, especially when you consider the potential benefits.