Hearing is incredibly important to overall health and welfare, and we at REM Audiology are always on the lookout for new ways to demonstrate the latest in hearing technology to as many people as we possibly can.


We strongly believe that everyone, young and old, should have their hearing tested at least once. On its own, hearing loss is a challenge. Without proper care, it can get worse, or at the very least, more and more frustrating.

Sometimes, hearing loss is not an isolated issue at all, and can be the first symptom of an even greater health problem.

A few months ago we invested in a hearing kiosk, a portable hearing station to take around to health fairs and community events. We wanted to bring the hearing test to you.

How it works is simple. You go up, put on special noise canceling headphones, and follow simple prompts and instructions on the Kiosks’s iPad. Within 5 minutes, your hearing is tested. Afterwards, if you provided an email, the results are directly forwarded to your account. Afterwards, you are given the opportunity to forward the results to us at REM.

Why is this important? If you have never had a hearing test, establishing a baseline is crucial. By having a baseline test, future results can be compared, and problems can be easier diagnosed down the line.

Office Listening Stations

We’ve also been installing listening stations in our offices.

In our Voorhees office, we have a dedicated room. In Evesham and Philadelphia, we have stations set up in the waiting area.

What are listening stations? Listening stations are where we can demonstrate the latest in Bluetooth and telephone coil technology. Here you can test how your hearing aid communicates with televisions and other streaming devices, and experience firsthand how their sound can be directly transmitted to your personal aid.

We want to create a “WOW” effect, and what better way is there to show you our technology than by demonstrating it first hand.

The Future

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve hearing healthcare, and we hope to have more exciting technology for you to try out soon.