Location Services for the Hard of Hearing: Philadelphia Theaters

Every few months, REM Audiology will be releasing installments of what we’re calling our Location Hearing Blogs. In these installments we will discuss the options the hard of hearing have at certain local attractions. Options such as available FM or hearing amplification devices, and how those devices interact with their current aids.

This month: the Walnut Street Theater and the Landmark Ritz Theaters, both located in Philadelphia.

Walnut Street Theater

The other month we reached out to the Walnut Street Theater and got a quick response from Joel Markus, their production manager. Coming soon, Walnut Street Theater will have:

  1. 6 new Sennheiser emitter panels (transmitters) strategically located in the theater for optimal reception
  2. New Sennheiser headset receivers
  3. 10 to 20 personal loops for individuals with induction coils in their aids. (Side note: If you’re thinking of purchasing new hearing aids, be sure to purchase those that have induction or telephone coil technology. This is not a new technology, but it is a rapidly growing one).

According to the FAQ on their website: “The Walnut offers devices to assist the hearing impaired for MainStage performances. Infrared hearing enhancers are available in the lobby on a first-come, first-served basis; quantities are limited. ASL-interpreated, audio-described and open-captioned performances are available for certain performances.”

Keep in mind: it’s always a good idea to call ahead and see what devices any location currently has operational before attending. Their Walnut Street Theater box office can be reached at 215-574-3550.

Ritz Theaters

The Ritz Theaters (Ritz East, Ritz Five, Ritz at the Bourse) offer closed captioning devices and wireless audio systems.

The closed captioning viewing system is a CaptiView, which is a “personal closed captioning device that transmits dialogue to a small easy to read personal screen which attaches right to your seat.”

The wireless audio system, the Fidelio, is an audio receiver with a plug-in headset for the visually impaired, and provides descriptive narrations.

You can request devices from the box office cashiers, which they will program for you.

The Landmark website has more info.


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