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Elizabeth Protti-Patterson, Au.D has developed an expertise in hearing aids and diagnostic testing.


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The doctors of audiology at REM Audiology are passionate about educating our clients and our community, empowering them to become sophisticated consumers of hearing healthcare. We incorporate the best, most up to date practices and technology, and offer a customized approach to solving hearing needs. We believe that hearing is vital to the overall wellness of the individual.

Recent Reviews

Very attentive and friendly staff. Minimal wait times. Easy scheduling. Great, thorough, one on one care. You’re never rushed and treated like a friend.
Jeannette Amodeo
I have been under the care of REM for 5 years using both Marlton and the Voorhees offices. I am a ‘successful’ hearing aid user! I say that because I talk to too many people who just aren’t wearing their hearing aids regularly or even stop trying or even feel annoyed with their hearing after revisiting the business where they bought them to make adjustments that don’t seem to help. I feel I was properly fitted with the right hearing aid for me; I feel the audiologists were highly qualified; I followed-up as requested with regular checkups–never an extra charge; the office staff is always personable and available; I love the 5 years of free hearing aid batteries too! We all wish hearing aids did not have such a big pricetag–it would be great if medical insurance would pay something. I’m sure my next pair will be from REM.
Deb Roberts
I have been going to see Meagan for about 10 or 12 years now, after a lifelong hearing history, I am 58 and have bilateral BAHA hearing aides. She is the only person who connected in such a way that was no different then sitting down with a friend. Time only matters that your needs are met. Consideration and compassion is her middle name. She to me is an angel on this earth, that truly cares about others and it shows in everything she does. I truly cannot say enough about the care and dedication she shows to her patients. She has kept me from being disabled permanently several time which she knows is very important to me. My life is significantly better for having REM audiology and Meagan in it. I thank you and my family thanks you!!!
Debbie Brennan
Debbie Brennan
Dr. Mapes and the people at REM Audio gave me excellent service with my hearing concerns. They are professional and personable.
William Angstadt
William Angstadt
The care you receive is excellent. You are given personalized attention with grate care. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel very comfortable and at ease. All my questions re answers to my satisfaction. Your more than just a patient here.
Fay Vallery