In 2015, we will:

1. Continue to promote Wellness, not only as a program, but as a concept. As the year progresses, we will create a speciality wellness newsletter, available to any wellness member who wants to opt in.

2. Dedicate each month to a different topic (this month: earwax!). We will investigate that topic through our facebook and twitter and newsletters, and collect the links (and findings) on our website. Hearing healthcare is, frankly, more fun when there’s a theme.

3. Send out a What’s New Newsletter near the end of every month, alerting our patients to hearing healthcare news, office events, and special offers. In addition to these monthlies, every OTHER month we will send out a speciality (education, doctor) newsletter to those who wish to sign up.

4. Continue to work with the community in whatever way we can. This is where we want to grow the most, and this is where we need the most help from you. Let us know what we can do. What would help you? What would help your community?

5. Continue to serve you as faithfully and honestly as we can. This is all about your health, and we wish to make this as helpful and fun as possible.

Thank you for coming into this new year with us. We have a lot of exciting things planned (and more we’re currently brewing up!) for 2015. We’re so looking forward to it.